Total Living Area


The total living area is the size of the home (in square feet) based upon the exterior dimensions.  This total should include the square footage of the main home as well as the square footage of the wing or addition if one has been specified.

Entry Information

Enter the total square footage between 400 and 5,000.  NOTE:  The square footage of all the main home sections together cannot total more than 5,000.  Any home with a total living area of more than 5,000 square feet may be considered a high value home and AccuCoverageŽ is currently unable to estimate this replacement cost.  If your home is more than 5,000 square feet, we suggest you contact your insurance agent to discuss appropriate coverage.

NOTE:  When calculating the total living area, include the area for all floors.  DO NOT include the area for built-in garages, basements, porches, breezeways, decks (which are included in Attached Structures), or one-story attached garages.